More and more PB

Our iRODS infrastructure continues to grow. We have just signed off another >1PB of iRODS capacity to our CASM group. This brings our current iRODS archives up to approximately 14PB total capacity, between Sanger and JSDC data centers.

Another couple of PB added…

At the end of 2017, we delivered another 1PB of Ceph storage to our rapidly expanding internal cloud, the flexible compute environment. Over the course of 2017-2018, we have gone from 0PB to 5.5PB of usable Ceph based storage.

This has become our most rapidly deployed storage platform to date and stability in particular has remained outstanding, we have more details available here:

Seagate / Cray Lustre system now up and running.

At the end of 2017, our first Seagate-Cray Lustre system passed acceptance testing and our scientific groups are now busy migrating their data and workflows.

This is an L300N system, which includes a transparent NXD flash layer to aid smooth data access from heavy random and short data access, more details are available here:

The older systems are due for retirement on the 4th of March, when thy will become available for further development and testing.

First Cray / Seagate Lustre procured by Sanger !

Sanger has become Cray – Seagate first Lustre customer ! The system has arrived and is undergoing acceptance testing.

We intend to complete test and introduce the system by the end of November 2017. This is a very aggressive timeline with a view that the older filesystem areas will be retired by March 2018.

New hardware now on site

Our 2017 financial year end has brought with it a number of procurements. Over the next few months we will be installing:

2PB of Cray/Seagate lustre, 2PB iRODS, 1PB Ceph, a new OpenStack zone, an updated SciaaS platform, iRODS performance server units, SQL servers and a full OpenStack test environment.

We are also preparing for our new DC quadrant, which is expected online 2018.

Should be fun, we will keep our internal customers updated through the IT project portal in the usual way.

Additional 3.5PB S3/Ceph storage available for use

We are happy to announce that the final installment of the requested additional 3.5PB usable Ceph / S3 storage is both fully installed and is now available for use by our Human genetics groups.

The turnaround time from delivery to hand over has been less than 1 month for all storage sets and despite some last mile hardware issues, the service is running well.

More Ceph capacity for the Flexible Compute Environment

Following the success stories from our @scale customers, we have been asked to provide an additional 1PB of usable capacity for our internal flexible compute environment.

The order has been placed and we expect BIOS-IT to have the hardware on site and acceptance tested but the end of September 2017.

We continue to be impressed by the resilience of both the Ceph and S3 services the the current platform has provided since Jan 2017 and we look forward to seeing the performance of the infrastructure continue to scale as additional units are added.

New hardware incoming Lustre 112/113 upgrade time

After many years of robust service, our Lustre scratch112 and 113 systems are approaching end of life. We are delighted to say that following significant testing and a procurement bakeoff, we have selected Seagate-Cray as the vendor of choice for our replacement system.

The system will be based around Seagates Nitro SSD cache configuration to get the best fit for our mixed workloads. We look forward to receiving the new hardware by the end of September 2017.